Motion detection


The Minut Smart Home Alarm contains a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor underneath the lens, which detects the heat energy emitted by living things. Point monitors the environment it’s in and keeps track of the number of ‘motion events’ that occur. If the alarm is activated and a motion event occurs, an instant notification will be sent. Even if the alarm is turned off you can monitor the motion levels around the device.

How to test your Point


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Noise levels


Point also monitors the sound level of the environment it’s in. In the app you can set custom thresholds, so if the volume ever goes above a pre-set decibel level you will get a notification to your phone. Great for ensuring people aren’t having parties without you.

How to set a threshold



Point monitors the temperature in an environment and can alert you to any increases and drops. You can set custom high and low temperature levels, and if the environment goes above or below them you’ll be notified instantly. This feature has alerted people to potentially dangerous situations such as leaving the oven on, the heating breaking and leaving a window open.



You can also monitor the humidity levels via the Minut app. Humidity levels can negatively impact your sleep and your overall health. Some health risks from over exposure to high humidity include dehydration, fatigue and muscle cramps. It can also alert you to potential threats such as leaving a tap on or flooding.

Air pressure


You can also track air pressure changes within your home environment. Air pressure changes can alert you to threats such as windows and doors being left open or broken, but it’s also been linked to an increase in headaches and migraines, increased blood pressure and joint pain.

Alarm recognition


The in-built sound recognition in Point can detect other alarms going off in your home. So, if you have a smoke, carbon monoxide or radon alarm installed and it starts to sound Point will pick up on this and instantly notify you of the potential threat.

Mold risk analysis


Through the combination of monitoring the temperature and humidity in the environment, Point can analyse the risk of mold growing. If this happens you will be alerted in the app and you will be offered suggestions as to how to reduce this risk.

Neighbourhood watch


With Minut you can create a trusted network of friends and family to safeguard your home. If something happens in your home, and you’re not around, we can quickly seek assistance from your network to make sure your home is safe.



We’ve recently released a new feature called ‘Nightlight’. When you walk under Point at night, it will light your way. In the app you can choose which hours of the night you’d like the feature to be on for, or turn it off entirely.

Wireless & self-installed


The all-in-one device can be installed in a matter of minutes. No need for multiple sensors, wires, professional installation or holes drilled in every window and door. The magnetic mounting plate can be stuck or screwed to the ceiling. Not only is it easy to install, it’s also easy to take with you when you move.

6-month battery & USB charged


Point typically has a 6 month battery device, dependant on the environment it’s within and the number of alerts it needs to send. You simply remove the device from its magnetic mounting plate and charge via the included USB-C cable. Fully charging the device takes around 5 hours, then you simply pop it back up on the ceiling.


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