How it works


An all-in-one smart home alarm that’s easy-to-install, packed full of sensors. So, whether you’re just checking in, or responding to an alert, Minut allows you to wirelessly monitor and protect your home anywhere, anytime.

Self-installed in under 5 mins
Wirelessly monitor your home from anywhere
Instant notifications of potential threats


Motion, humidity, temperature & sound monitoring


Our all-in-one device monitors more than just movement, it also monitors temperature, sound, humidity, air pressure and analyses the risk of mold growing. You can set custom thresholds and if anything out of the ordinary happens we’ll let you know instantly.

Loud in-built siren and lights


If an intruder is detected Point will utilise its in-built 90db piezo siren. The led lights will also flash red on the device to deter the intruders and alert neighbours and any other people nearby. You will also see the alarm sounding in the Minut app, where you can also choose to silence it.

No more running out of the house


Gone are the days of entering your alarm pin code and sprinting out of the house before the alarm goes off. With Minut you simply turn the alarm on via the app, then you have 45 seconds grace period to stroll out the front door before the alarm is activated. No need for pin numbers, keypads or running.

Works with Android & iOS


The free Minut app can is available for both Android and iOS devices. We’re constantly working on new features and upgrades, and our users are where we often get our best ideas. We’re making an entirely new type of home alarm, and your input is invaluable.

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How many devices do you need?


Smaller home.
Up to 70 sq m
753 sq ft



Medium home.
70 – 170 sq m
754 – 1,830 sq ft



Larger home.
170 – 240 sq m
1,830 – 2,584 sq ft


Instant notifications


Whether you’re at work or away for the week, the last thing you want is to be worried about your home. If anything out of the ordinary happens we’ll send a notification straight to your phone. If you’re still worried you can easily monitor the temperature, humidity and noise levels whenever you like.

Alarm recognition


Minut can also detect the sound of other alarms going off. So, if you’re away and your smoke or carbon monoxide detector goes off you’ll be notified instantly via the app. We’re constantly expanding the library of sounds that the device knows, so whatever alarm you’ve got installed, we’ve got you covered.


Safety in numbers


With Minut you can create a trusted network of friends and family to safeguard your home. If something happens in your home, and you’re not around, we can quickly seek assistance from your network to make sure your home is safe.

Does it work with pets?


The motion sensor in the device works by sensing heat radiation, so right now it can’t distinguish between a person and a large pet. We do, however, have many happy owners with smaller cats and dogs that use the alarm daily, without issue. If the possibility of a pet triggering the alarm is keeping you from purchasing, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to test it out for 30 days, just get in touch.

Some of our users have discovered a DIY fix, where they mount the device on the wall (rather than the ceiling) and cover the lower half of the lens, which means pets can freely walk about your home and not set the alarm off.