How Point works

Awareness at home


Point is aware of what is happening in your home.  It picks up data regarding motion detection, temperature, humidity and tampering.






Smart analysis


Point determines what information is of value by using advanced technology. Only the necessary is forwarded to you. This means most data, including raw sound files, never leaves the device. By doing so, your privacy is protected.


Notifications to your phone


Point is designed to recognise anomalies and to only alert you about important events. Let your smart alarm handle your household, while you focus on everything else.


Get help from your loved ones


A burglary normally takes less than 15 minutes. It is rare for security companies or Police to arrive in that time. Instead, Point makes it easy to connect to neighbors, friends and family.


Small but mighty


Point is designed to blend in. It is small, but packed with sensors and functions. The combination of technology enables features which brings value to your every day life.

How many Points do I need?

Read about setting up Point

1 Point for apartments

For apartments and small homes

2-3 Points for large apartments and small houses

For large apartments and small houses

3-4 Points for large homes

For large houses and homes