Minut creates products that look after you and your home.


Minut was founded in 2014 after Nils left Apple. The journey began at Betahaus where Nils designed the first prototype of what would become Point. Fredrik, Marcus, and Martin joined Nils and the team relocated to Shenzhen, China to take part in the world’s premier hardware accelerator Hax.co in the summer of 2014.

Minut launched Point on Kickstarter in November 2014. It was a runaway success, raising almost 5 times the initial target in 30 days.

Minut has received investment from SOS Ventures and many well-positioned angel investors, including Tord Wingren (Huawei, Samsung, Ericsson, Nanoradio), Hampus Jakobsson (TAT, Brisk.io), Don Lindsey (Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry), and Anders Frankel (Apsis).

Our story

Connecting products to the internet is easy. Solving problems people care about in their day-to-day life is challenging. This is what drives us at Minut. In 2014, we relocated to Shenzhen to develop our first product — Point. Shenzhen is to hardware what Silicon Valley is to software. Working directly with engineers and manufacturers enabled us to prototype and develop Point faster than what would have been possible anywhere else in the world. A few months later, Point launched on Kickstarter and was successfully founded in a matter of hours. Point started shipping in January 2016 and is now available in stock worldwide.

Our team cares deeply about simplicity in all aspects of product development. By helping each other and combining our strengths we strive to create the best solutions for you and your home. The team brings experience from Apple, Axis, and Ericsson. We aim high and have fun on the way.

Today Minut runs operations from Malmö, Sweden and Shenzhen, China. Wherever we are, you are more than welcome to come by and say hi.



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