Update March 26, 2018: This position has been filled.

Consumer Marketing Manager

Minut is growing and we are now looking for the next smart, curious and creative person to join our Customer Experience team to work with our go-to-market strategy. We strive to challenge the perception of home alarms and to give more people comfort knowing their home is secure.


About the role

We believe you have a strong background in marketing and building products or services for consumers. You are strategic, yet enjoy tactical planning and execution. Understanding and wanting to define the bigger picture is crucial as you will be shaping the Minut brand. 

You take an experimental and iterative approach to your work. You will define experiments and campaigns that we implement, execute and evaluate together. You will manage the marketing budget, while keeping a keen eye on conversion, user retention and growth. As Minut is a growing company you are expected to be very hands-on and interact with most people in the company on an almost daily basis.

Together with the immediate team consisting of Marcus, Kent and Klara, your overall responsibility is to enable people to discover Point and help them through the customer journey. 


  • Define and communicate the Minut brand
  • Change the perception of home alarms and who they are for
  • Introduce Point as a subscription business
  • Setup, implement and evaluate Minut’s marketing strategy
  • Work with, and grow, our user communities through different campaigns
  • Interview, analyse, and research users and their feedback, feeding the knowledge into our day-to-day activities
  • Assist with defining and improving relevant KPIs
  • A lot more!

Who you will work with

Marcus Ljungblad is one of the co-founders at Minut and heads up the Customer Experience team. His background is computer science but picked up a thing or two about communication and marketing through the Scouts.

Kent Ngo co-founded a company called FoPo making fruit powder from leftover fruit. He is Minut’s in-house designer.

Klara Ottosson works part-time with customer support. If anyone knows our customers, it’s Klara. When she’s not dealing with email she’s studying engineering at LTH in Lund (or travelling the world).

Minut is small so you’ll work closely with everyone, but to highlight a few: Nils is the CEO and spent a long time at Apple working on a lot of secret design projects we still don’t know about. Johan was one of the first engineers behind Gapminder (super awesome visualisations about public health… ring a bell?). Later, he continued to Google where he worked on public data and search for almost 10 years. Today he’s leading the product team together with Fredrik, one of Minut’s co-founders. Charlie joins us from the UK after having spent 5 years at Deloitte. She’s creating order in our business development efforts.

About Minut

We have an office at a co-working space in Malmö, called The Ground, and share it with some other amazing startups. Since there’s a very physical component to Point, we spend a significant time in Shenzhen, China where we do manufacturing. Since the summer of 2017 we also have one person located in Stockholm.

Today at Minut we are 15 people split into three teams: Product, Operations, and Customer Experience (you’ll join this one!). We work together at one of our offices, but remote is OK once in awhile. You’ll find that we have a strong engineering background and a lot of our work is influenced by it.

Everyday we try to learn something new. We believe learning is a strong source of motivation and strive to provide an environment where uninhibited learning can take place. As an early member of the team you will have a lot of influence on your own work, the company’s future and our products.

How to apply and a bit about process

First step is to worry less and send Marcus an e-mail at marcus@minut.com presenting yourself and why you’re interested in working with Minut. Write your cover letter directly in the email and feel free to attach examples of previous work.

Then we’ll schedule a phone interview and if we proceed from here, you’ll be asked to complete an assignment. During the second interview, we’ll use the assignment as a starting point for our discussions. In the last stage we’ll ask you to have a chat with some people from the extended team. At least Nils, but it’s likely you’ll get a chance to hear from more.