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Minut is a new way to secure your home without sacrificing privacy. No cameras. No wires. No complicated installation. The smart home alarm detects motion, monitors noise, temperature, humidity, and mold risk, ensuring your home is safe when you’re out and that you’re in a comfortable environment when you’re home. Minut works directly with your phone so you receive real time alerts when things aren’t right.

About Minut

Minut was co-founded by Nils Mattisson, CEO who spent seven years in Silicon Valley working in the Exploratory Design Group at Apple; Marcus Ljungblad, Head of Growth; Martin Lööf, Head of Manufacturing; and Fredrik Ahlberg, Head of Research with the idea that home security should be accessible to everyone and never come at the expense of privacy. Together they developed a smart home alarm that detects motion, monitors noise, temperature, humidity, and mold risk, ensuring your home is safe.

The first prototypes were developed in Shenzhen and they later opened their HQ in Malmo, Sweden. Minut now has offices in Malmo, Stockholm, London and have shipped over ten thousand units across over 60 countries.

“The point will watch your house while you’re away” TechCrunch

“Just call it the Obi-Wan of security systems: Point senses disturbances in the force your home, using microphones and air and temperature sensors.” Digital trends

“[Excluding cameras] was a very intentional omission, not just because Point is supposed to be small and inconspicuous, but so users have peace of mind that nobody will ever be watching them.” Engadget

“Safety shouldn’t come at the cost of privacy” Inc

“A sensor that analyses the ambient noise in your house promises to provide a watchful ear” New Scientist

“The new home security system that will let you know about anything from a broken window or loud music to a fire alarm” Norwegian Magazine

“The tech startup that creates a buzz at IFA” Nyteknik

Company Information


Owners: Founders, employees, angel investors, KPN, Centrica,, Nordic Makers, and SOSV.

CEO: Nils Mattisson
HQ: Bredgatan 4, Malmö, Sweden
SE: Maria Skolgata 83, 118 53 Stockholm
UK: Vox Studios, Vauxhall, London, England