Your home talking.

Soon the analog alarm clock on your bedside table will open your window blinds. 

Minut is the Scandinavian startup pioneering Soft Security. With Point we proved you can combine peace of mind and privacy.

This is the next step. Now you can teach Point to recognise the sounds of your home.

1. Record

Record and describe the sound you want Point to understand.

Together we build a global database helping make Point smarter every day.

2. Teach

Upload the recording to let Minut’s AI analyse and extract features from the sound.

Point continuously extracts features from surrounding sound the same way. When a sound is repeated the extracted features match the database. This way Point can identify an event without recording the sound.

3. Automate

When a sound is detected Point sends a message to your smartphone.

You can also connect to IFTTT or the Minut API to trigger whatever action you want!