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How does Point work?

Point uses multiple sensors to help you get to know your home; a microphone array measuring sounds from sub-hertz to bat-level frequencies, a humidity sensor, a temperature sensor and two processors for analyzing the data.

By combining these input sources, Point recognizes events such as a window breaking (as opposed to a drinking glass), loud music, alarms and the presence of people.

Point connects to the internet over Wi-Fi and regularly sends information about temperature, humidity, air quality, and noise levels to Minut’s backend. If Point detects an event, such as an alarm ringing, Point connects immediately to the backend so that the user can be notified in the Point app.

Point runs on 4 AA batteries which are included. The battery lifetime is approximately one year.

Is there an app for Windows phone?

Yes and no. Dave Kendall created a Windows application as a hobby project. Search for Point Companion in the Windows app store.

How many Points do I need for my home?

One Point covers approximately 50sqm. For a small home, one Point is sufficient. If you want to cover multiple floors, then you will probably need more than one. The accuracy of sensors decreases for areas larger than 50sqm.

I have more than one Point, how do I get them to work together?

Install your Points one by one using the Point app and they will automatically work together.

Can I name my Point?

Yes you can! To rename a device, choose a device under “Devices” in your app. Then you will find a pen symbol in the right corner, click on it and then on the current name of your device to change it.

Is there a web interface?

No, we’re considering it for the future, but it’s not currently planned. If you plan to make larger installations, it is possible to build a web interface using our API.


How often does Point update?

Point shares environment data with the app once every hour. This means that readings in the app may be up to an hour old. Of course, if an event is detected this is sent immediately.

The app asked me to install a software update, now what?

The update solves a problem with the communication between Point and the Internet and is applied in two steps: The first step takes only a few minutes to install. If your Point lights up blue during the update process it is installing the first update. The second step may take several hours to complete. This is because Point will only attempt to update when it connects to Minut’s backend. The best you can do is to leave Point close to your Wi-Fi router and let it be for a while. When your Point is sending data regularly (one every hour) it has updated successfully.

This update is only necessary to do once and we are continuously working on making this process simpler.

Does it matter if I’m on a 2.4GHz or 5GHz network?

Yes. Point will only work on a 2.4GHz network. All routers on the market today supports 2.4GHz, but not all support 5GHz.

Many modern routers offers both options simultaneously. If this is the case, it is important that Point can see and connect to the 2.4GHz network. Sometimes these networks use the same name (called SSID). If you have trouble connecting your Point, it may help to change the name of one of the networks so that Point can find the 2.4GHz network specifically.

What are the networking requirements for Point?

Point relies on DHCP for IP assignment (which is enabled by default on all residential routers) and will send outgoing traffic on TCP (destination port 25500) and UDP (destination port 1988). It does not currently support networks with proxy servers, WPA2 Enterprise-secured wireless networks, WPS configuration or networks using statically assigned IP addresses.

Will my Wi-Fi connection affect my Point?

Yes. The distance between your Point and your router can affect the signal strength which in turn can affect the battery lifetime of your Point. The longer the distance, the more power is required by Point’s antenna to connect to your router.

Potential problems

Point not reporting any data?

Is your Point not reporting any data? Check your device details (can be found next to your device name in the right hand corner) for firmware 0. Try our troubleshooting guide. Sometimes Point may have reported firmware 1041 or 1051. If this is the case, following the troubleshooting guide may also help.

Point Sent data, then suddenly went offline

We have seen a number of Points going offline all of a sudden despite having fresh batteries. In the firmware upgrade to 2310 some devices exposed a bug which caused the address to the Minut backend to be corrupted, preventing the devices to communicate and send data to the app. To remedy the problem, Point needs to be re-registered. During the installation procedure, iOS users have to use the “purple mode” (leave the first screen to timeout after 20 seconds). The purple mode is default for Android users. After the Point is reregistered it will have corrected the address to the backend and continue to send data as before.

Note that you must use the latest version of the app for this to work.

Broken Microphone

One of our earlier batches contained a number of broken microphones. If you think you have received a Point with a broken microphone send us an email at with a screenshot of your noise readings and we will send you a replacement Point if we determine that the microphone is broken.

Return and refund policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund.
You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it.
Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging.
The return adress is:
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