Troubleshooting Guide

Point reports no data (Firmware 0)

Here are the steps that have been confirmed to work for the “Firmware 0” problem. It requires input from the user, and may in some cases, require more than one try. If you think your Point might be affected, contact support so we can manually generate an event in your timeline that you need to initiate the process. Once you have, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz network using a channel between 1 and 11. If your wifi network also supports 5GHz and shares the same name as your 2.4GHz network, it may be necessary to turn the 5GHz network off during the upgrade process.
  2. From the Point app, you need to perform two steps.
    1. Press “Install Update” in the event on your timeline to start the upgrade guide. Note that this event is not visible by default and needs to be activated by the support team. This step will fix an issue that prevents Point from downloading large updates from the Internet. The app will ask you for your wifi password. Press and hold Point until it lights up orange. Press Next in the app. When the Point changes colour from orange to blue, the first update is being installed. After blue, the Point will flash green, white, and green which indicates that the Point has restarted. If it does not light up blue, please try this step again.
    2. If Point turns blue the first step was completed. There should now be a new event in the timeline. Tap this to start the second step and complete the upgrade process. This will force a firmware update to version 1350 or newer. This firmware includes multiple stability improvements regarding wifi connectivity. The app will ask you for your wifi password again, then press Point until it lights up orange. Then press next in the app. When Point changes colour from orange to blue, the new version is being downloaded and applied.
  3. At this time you should add the Point to your account again. If you have done this previously the new installation will replace the old one.
  4. Confirm that Point reports a firmware version 1350 or newer under device details. Your Point is now patched and will be able to update itself automatically in the future. Just leave it for a day or so and it should update itself to a current firmware.

We have found that some networks are not especially kind to Point. In these cases, though rare, it may help to temporarily set up a hotspot and connect Point to that network or move the Point to a new network entirely and perform the upgrade.


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