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Home is no place for intrusive cameras

Home is no place for intrusive cameras

Point is the complete home alarm in a single device. It lets you know if something is wrong at home—so you can relax when you are away.

Healthy home monitor

Monitor your home and get a quick understanding of what has happened in your home over the day, week or year. Knowing your home means you can proactively take care of yourself, family and home! Insights from Point helps you set the best environment for you.

Home security without hassle

Point notifies you of events that matter the most to you and your family. No matter where you are you will be the first to know.

Be a friendly neighbour

When an important event happens, Point alerts you and your community of family, friends or neighbours instantly, so that you can help each other when looking after your home.

Installed with a click

Point is easy to install and setup. No wires needed.

Comfort and safety in one

Smoke Detection
Noise Level
Presence Detection
Alarm Recognition


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