Protect your healthy home with Point


Improve your home health and indoor air quality by monitoring changes in temperature, humidity and more. Keep mold growth at bay and prevent water damage.

But Point is far more than just your healthy home solution. It is also a smart home security system that notifies you in case of unusual movements.

✓ One device

✓ Collaborate with neighbours

✓ No intrusive cameras

✓ Up and running within minutes

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A Smart alarm for your healthy home.

Point is a  forward-thinking home security system that makes it easy to synchronize looking after your house with your busy life.

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To alert you of any intrusion


Mold and changes in indoor temperature – get notified, take action


Collaborate with your friends, family and neighbours to create the network behind your smart home alarm system.




Interruption only when necessary


Making sure your home is healthy should be easy, but some things are hard to detect. Point informs you of issues that really matter – mold, intrusion or sudden changes in indoor temperature. Information is sent to your phone and can be shared with friends and family. With Point, you spend less time worrying and more time living.

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Close the door on healthy home concerns


You’ll receive an alert on your device if something happens at home. By collating data from different sensors, Point can even tell the difference between the breaking of a drinking glass and a window.

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Activate alarm when leaving home

Receive an alert if something happens

Resolve the situation with help from your personal network



“Point saved my house when the heating thermostat broke down during some exceptionally cold weather.”

Tim – Calgary, Canada

Tim’s home was saved by Point. His smart home alarm alerted him to a rapid drop in temperature so he could take action before any damage was done.

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Home security as a community project


Involve your neighbours, friends and family in keeping your home safe. We already water plants, get post and keep an eye out for our neighbours when they are away – why not make it easier to collaborate on keeping your home healthy? Point sends alerts to your network if a significant change happens.




Point promotes healthy living at home, no matter the property type


Point paves the way to a healthy home by keeping you updated with any changes – no matter where you are. Whether you’re protecting a house, an apartment or a holiday rental, you can rely on Point to help you keep an eye on your property.

HOLIDAY HOUSE – Distance is no obstacle to looking after your property

APARTMENT – Save your home, your time and your money with Point. Create your personal neighbourhood watch in your apartment building

HOUSE – Save your home, your time and your money with Point.

AIRBNB – Make sure your tenants are treating your property with respect.

“Point has got your back”

“For anyone who wants a lightweight security option for their home”

“A sensor that analyses the ambient noise in your house promises to provide a watchful ear”

User-friendly innovation in home health and security

Ensure healthy living at home with Point’s state-of-the-art technology. Motion, breaking glass and temperature changes can all be detected. An alert will be sent to your phone if any unusual event occurs.

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Keep mold growth at bay.

Has a window been smashed?

Prevent water damage.

Too hot? Too cold? Find out!

Has there been a break in?

Loud siren which is set of in case of intrusion.

Works as a path light at night.

Tamper-proof technology.

Safety up and running within minutes


Here’s the clever bit. Point takes just 10 minutes to install and uses to Wi-Fi to keep you connected to your home. A rechargeable battery that lasts 3-6 months minimises the need for maintenance while maximising the health of your home.

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$99/Point ($129)

With a Premium subscription for $5/month

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