Forget your home security worries


Home security systems are the smart choice for a safer home.

✓ One device

✓ Collaborate with neighbours

✓ No intrusive cameras

✓ Wireless, no drilling


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Welcome to your smart home

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To alert you of any intrusion.


Understand what is happening in your home.


Collaborate with your friends, family and neighbouurs.




Interruption only when necessary


When you’re on the road, at work or just hanging out with friends, the last thing you want is to be preoccupied with home security concerns. Point is designed to recognise anomalies and to only alert you about important events. Let your smart alarm handle your household, while you focus on everything else.

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Welcome to your smart home

With state-of-the-art features, Point makes sure that your home security worries are a thing of the past. This forward-thinking home security system is a great way to synchronize looking after your house with your busy life.

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Activate alarm when leaving home

Receive an alert if something happens

Resolve the situation with help from your personal network



“When I was home alone in a dangerous situation, Point contacted my partner and protected me and my baby from harm.”


Home alone with her baby, Caitlin unknowingly left the stove on after cooking lunch. She was unaware of the danger until Point sent an alert to her partner about the temperature increase at home.

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Home security systems should respect your privacy


Point monitors the safety of your home without posing a threat to the sanctity of your living space. It’s the first smart home alarm that gets the balance right between respecting your boundaries and giving you the comfort of knowing that everything is fine at home. Most data processing happens on Point, and raw sound recordings never leave the device. In this way, your privacy is as safe as houses.

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Point tips the balance of home security in your favour


We all know what it feels like to forget safety precautions – there are more immediate things to be concerned about! Home security can even seem like a hassle at times. Thankfully, Point has no such distractions, so the safety of your home is always the top priority for this clever device.

HOLIDAY HOUSE – Distance is no obstacle to looking after your property

APARTMENT – Save your home, your time and your money with Point. Create your personal neighbourhood watch in your apartment building

HOUSE – Save your home, your time and your money with Point.

AIRBNB – Make sure your tenants are treating your property with respect.

“Point has got your back”

“For anyone who wants a lightweight security option for their home”

“A sensor that analyses the ambient noise in your house promises to provide a watchful ear”

User-friendly innovation in home security systems

Upgrade your home security with a smart alarm system. Point has the technology to detect breaking glass, motion and temperature changes. Alerts will be sent straight to your phone if anything out of the ordinary occurs. This ensures the safety of your home.

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Has a window been smashed?

Prevent water damage.

Too hot? Too cold? Find out!

Has there been a break in?

Loud siren which is set of in case of intrusion.

Works as a path light at night.

Tamper-proof technology.

Complete home security in no time


Let’s get technical: Point can be installed in 10 minutes and works over Wi-Fi – talk about a smart alarm! It’s also powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts 3-6 months, depending on environmental conditions, so it’s both low-maintenance and hi-tech.

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$99/Point ($129)

With a Premium subscription for $5/month

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