How Point works


Turn on alarm when leaving home

When walking out the door, you turn the alarm on using the Point smartphone app. Get notified immediately in case something happens while you are away. If you are unavailable, Point can ask your friends for help.


Get notified of unlikely events

Powerful algorithms and data from several built-in sensors enables Point to detect events that doesn’t belong in any home. Including yours.


Learn about the health of your home over time

Point learns more and more about your home environment everyday. Review the information about your home and get suggestions for how to improve your home environment using the Point smartphone app.

Home security systems should respect your privacy

Point monitors the safety of your home without posing a threat to the sanctity of your living space. It’s the first smart home alarm that gets the balance right between respecting your boundaries and giving you the comfort of knowing that everything is fine at home. Most data processing happens on Point, and raw sound recordings never leave the device. In this way, your privacy is as safe as houses.

How many points do I need?

Each Point covers approximately 50 sqm which means that one Point is sufficient for a small home. The accuracy of sensors decreases for areas larger than 50sqm and if you want to cover multiple floors you’ll need more than one

Learn more about where to put your point and how to install it.