Right now we are ten people and we are always looking for the next bright, curious, wonderful person to join our small team.


Working in a startup is a lot of fun! And sometimes scary. That’s OK!

We have an office at a co-working space in Malmö, called The Ground, and share it with some other amazing startups. Since there’s a very physical component to Point, we spend a significant time in Shenzhen, China where we do manufacturing (read why).

Everyday we try to learn something new. We believe learning is a strong source of motivation and strive to provide an environment where uninhibited learning can take place. As an early member of the team you will have a lot of influence on your own work and the company’s future and products. And you are expected to learn along the way.

If none of the positions listed below sounds exactly like you — send us an e-mail anyway. We always want to meet new people!

Full time positions

Though it’s too early right now, Minut’s next hire is likely strong with mobile development and has some experience building interfaces for both iOS and Android.

We will update this section as soon as things are more concrete, but if you are curious send an e-mail!

Thesis projects

We’ve so far hosted one thesis project with students from Lund University and had a blast doing so. Below are ideas on thesis projects that we’re interested in collaborating around. If you think these (or something you’ve thought about yourself) sound interesting then send an e-mail to and we’ll talk more.


Point contains a particle sensor developed in-house that can get a crude measurement of the distribution of different size air particles. Right now it’s in it’s infancy and we believe it can be pushed quite a bit further with smart processing, optimizations and some creativity. The world needs cheap and ubiquitous air quality monitoring, and we believe our sensor could make a difference.

This project contains some signal processing, some physics, some modeling, and some development. It could be a good fit for a pair of students writing an M.Sc thesis in Applied Maths, Physics, EE or equivalent.

Sound matching

While many of the events Point can detect are recognized from environmental data from several sensors, there is an interesting subclass of events that only give off sound. Sound signatures look different in different homes, so the algorithms for detection need to adapt to their environment. There is a lot of research on this subject, but fewer implementations.

This project is high level, mostly requiring skills and interest in signal processing, numerical analysis and applied mathematics. Would be a good fit for an M.Sc thesis for students in CS, EE, Physics or Applied Maths.