Powerful Property Intelligence and Safe Homes


Increase return on your investments with a home security rental offer to your tenants

Optimize your property portfolios and increase return on investment while offering your tenants an IoT device they can actually use and benefit from – without upfront costs or hardware commitment.


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Minut and SkenarioLabs offers a digital property portfolio management tool that combines intelligent analytics and property management with reliable real-time data from Minut’s smart home security sensor.


How it works

Data Driven Insights

Utilise your data and enrich it with analytics derived from reality. Powerful property intelligence understands the value and the potential of your property stock.

Real-time Data and Smart Home Security

With Point you offer your tenants a smart home alarm in a single device while at the same time collecting property information like temperature, humidity and noise level.

Smarter Investments and Safer Homes

Combine expertise in data driven property management and analytics with reliable realtime data from Point. Increase return on your property investments, manage property portfolios, and keep your tenants safe.




Hassle free IoT


Instead of buying hardware you rent Point, paying only a few pounds per device. This means no commitments, making your IoT strategy simple. The monthly fee includes the device, data, and service



In-depth property analytics


SkenarioLabs future proof platform combines housing providers asset data to real-time IoT data and gives housing providers accurate and detailed insight on technical risks and where to invest to manage them.

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This is a collaboration between SkenarioLabs and Minut. SkenarioLabs is a Finnish company with extensive experience in property asset management, engineering, and software design. Minut is a Swedish company pioneering home security without cameras or complex sensor systems.



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