Minut $149

Wirelessly monitor your home from anywhere
Instant notifications of potential threats
Self-installed in under 5 mins
30-day free trial of Minut Plus

Free shipping included
Get a 2-pack for just $229 (Save $69)

Small but mighty





Temperature &
noise monitoring


Self installed
in minutes






One device
All sensor data in one place
Algorithms protecting privacy
Easily installed by you
Affordable and portable



Traditional Home Alarm



Multiple devices / sensors
Multiple platforms and apps
Intrusive Wi-fi cameras
Professional and costly installation
Long contracts and expensive setup


Installed in minutes

No professional instalment required. Point is wireless and you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Download and set up Point from
the Point App (available in both the App
store and Google Play store)



Mount Point on the ceiling with
the magnetic plate. Most users
choose the entrance way or
the living room.



Start wirelessly monitoring your
home. Set thresholds for sound,
temperature and humidity.



What our customers say

“I’ve been searching for a
home security system that
didn’t feel like surveillance,
and finally, Minut.”

Leonard S, 42



“It’s smart enough to know if a
window breaks and can detect
movement without the intrusion
of having a camera in your home.”

Dee M, 27



“it took no time at all to download
the app and connect up the alarm
(the app itself is also sleek and
easy to use).”

Lucas W, 31



How many devices do you need?


Smaller home.
Up to 85 square metres.



Medium home.
85-170 square metres.



Larger home.
170-420 square metres.


State-of-the-art tech


The all-in-one device may blend into your home,
but under the surface is a huge amount of smart
tech. IR motion detection, alongside sound recognition,
temperature, noise & humidity sensors.


x Point

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