Leaving the gas stove on

Whether you hang your hat in a house or a flat, safety is always a priority. It’s important to feel safe and secure as soon as you step over the threshold. However, it’s easy to take that feeling of security for granted when you’re enclosed in the familiarity and warmth of your own four walls.

While investigating this, we spoke to Caitlin – who lives with her partner and young son –  about her memorable experience with danger in the home. Her household has embraced Point, and, like most of us, she isn’t always able to be on the lookout for risk:

“It was in the first few weeks after having my son. My husband had just returned to work and so I was alone at home with the baby. I had cooked some eggs earlier in the morning and with sleep deprivation, had left the gas burner on.”

Caitlin and her baby were still in the house as the temperature in the kitchen was climbing higher. Thankfully, her husband received an alert from Point about the temperature increase and sent her a text to check if everything was okay.


Point to the rescue


As Caitlin recounts: “I went to the kitchen and sure enough, there was the open flame just burning away! A close call as I would not have planned to return to the kitchen for another few hours.” In this case, Caitlin was protected from harm by the technology in the hands of a loved one.

Instincts are invaluable, but, as Caitlin’s story shows, sometimes we are unaware of potential danger. Fire safety is taught in schools and in communities, and yet the majority of domestic fires are still caused by easily-avoidable household accidents. It seems that automatically feeling safe at home can make it all too easy to forget the simple steps that can protect your home and your loved ones.

At Minut, we think the solution to this problem lies in the clever combination of technology and community that powers Point. By monitoring temperature, humidity, tampering, smoke, risk of mould and sounds such as breaking glass, Point can detect unexpected changes to your home environment and sent an alert notification to your phone. Alerts will also be sent to your hand-selected community of family, friends and trusted neighbours, allowing them to extend a helping hand to protect your home from harm.