Home security for $5/month

  • Protect your home with a home alarm
  • Collaborate with friends during emergencies
  • Add multiple homes



One subscription per household

Share access with all your family members or roommates.

If you have two houses, install a Point in each home under the same subscription. For personal use, there is no limit on how many homes or Points you can have with a subscription.


Still a powerful device

Without the service you have access to environment readings, such as temperature, humidity and noise levels that Point records over time and you can always retrieve the history from your home.


Why a subscription?

Here are 6 reasons why Point comes with a subscription.


Everything connected to the Internet has potential security problems. We are committed to keeping Point secure and up to date.

User Experience

No ads.

New features

Always get the latest releases. We also continuously improve existing features and fix bugs.


Point is not only a piece of hardware. It’s a complex system of hardware, firmware, servers, databases, data analysis algorithms and smartphone apps. All these need continuous maintenance to work.


We don’t sell your data.


IFTTT (connect to other home appliances), SMS notifications, and similar services have a cost.