User Manual

Experience all the capabilities of Point and invite your family.

Setting it up

To get started you simply need to download the app, run it and follow the instructions. You can find the apps for iOS and Android here:

App Store
Google Play Store

During this process you will:

  • Create an account for yourself with name and email.
  • Give Point access to your network.
  • Give your point a name.

Make sure that your wi-fi is operating at 2.4 GHz, otherwise Point won’t be able to connect to it.

Adding family members

Do you want all the members of your household to have access to the information that Point provides? To add a user to your Points he/she must also have a Point account.

  1. Go to “Home Settings” in the app and press “Add a member”.
  2. Type the email address of your family member and s/he will receive an invitation within a short time. If your family member already have a Point account you can use the same email address.
  3. The invitation must be accepted by the user before the member is added to the home.

The button press

Point is also a button and pressing it will allow you to do the following:

  • A short press will make point glow white and add a line to the timeline in the app. This is useful to verify that Point works and is connected to the internet. If you have more than one point, this is also a good way to identify them if you mix them up.
  • A long push will make Point glow orange and go into installation mode.
  • An even longer push will make Point glow purple and go into an alternative installation mode.

Connect to IFTTT

You can connect Point to an almost endless list of services via IFTTT. The most popular so far appears to be Google Drive, Philips Hue, and custom webhooks that you can use to trigger basically any action based on Point data.

Getting started couldn’t be easier:

  1. Sign up to IFTTT.
  2. Connect your Point account to IFTTT.
  3. Pick the first recipe you want!

Understanding the lights

Point can glow/blink in many different colours and here is an explanation of what the different colours mean:

White: Point was pushed
Yellow: Temperature, humidity or sound level threshold passed.
Blinking red: Battery level is low
Continuous red: Battery level is extremely low
Green: Self check success
Orange: Installation process initiated
Purple: Alternative installation process
Blue: Attempting to access wifi during installation
Alternating white/green flashing: Point is stuck in a boot loop. Changing the batteries might work. If it doesn’t, your Point may need to be replaced. Contact support at

Change wi-fi network or password

  1. Tap on the Point device you want to update Wi-Fi settings for
  2. Tap on “Settings” in the top right corner
  3. Swipe down, towards the bottom you will find “Update network”
  4. Follow the instructions in the app

Good to know

  • Point sends the data it collects to a server once an hour. This way the data becomes available to your phone.
  • However Point will also connect to the server if any predefined event happens, for example if the temperature surpasses the limit you have set. You will be sent a notification and immediately know if an unexpected noise or temperature rise occurs in your home.
  • Point will only react to high sound levels that are more than two seconds long, so clapping hands will not be noticed, but loud music will.

Suggested Settings

Please note that these are suggestions only and the recommended settings may differ depending on where Point is placed.

Setting a noise limit can be tricky as Point will listen to the background noise and set this as its “zero level”. However it may be useful to know some reference values: a conversation at a “normal” noise level is 60 dB, a lawn mower 75 dB and a rock concert 110 dB.

To prevent the formation of mold in your home the relative humidity should be below 60 %. The ideal interval is between 30 and 50 %. If your Point displays a humidity above 60 % for a prolonged period of time or if you find signs of mold it may be a good idea to contact a mold inspection company.

We won’t suggest a temperature interval as this is solely based on your own personal preference.



We at the Minut team hope that you have succesfully installed your Point and that it is helping you to get to know your home. If you are having trouble with the installation or have any other questions take a look at our FAQ.

Never hesitate to contact us on We will be happy to help!