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Protect and monitor – one device

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 Collaborate with neighbours


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A smart alarm to protect and care for your home

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If something happens at home, your smart alarm will send a notification to your preferred device.


Sudden temperature changes? Point will inform you of temperature fluctuations caused by an open window or a pan left for too long on the stove.


Collaborate with your friends, family and neighbours to create the network behind your smart home alarm system.

Interruption only when necessary


When you’re on the road, at work or just hanging out with friends, the last thing you want is to be preoccupied with home security concerns. Point is designed to recognise anomalies and to only alert you about important events. Let your smart alarm handle your household, while you focus on everything else.

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Leave your home with a peace of mind


From the moment you switch on your smart alarm, you will receive an alert on your preferred device if something happens at home. By collating data from different sensors, Point can even tell the difference between the breaking of a drinking glass and a window.

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Activate alarm when leaving home
Receive an alert if something happens

Resolve the situation with help
from your personal network


“Point saved my house when the heating thermostat broke down during some exceptionally cold weather.”


Tim – Calgary, Canada

Tim’s home was saved by Point. His smart home alarm alerted him to a rapid drop in temperature so he could take action before any damage was done.

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Collaboration made easy


Handpick your trusted network with Point. With alerts sent to you and your friends, family and neighbours, this smart alarm proves that there is safety in numbers. Unite the everyday heroes around you to create a personal neighbourhood watch movement that helps to safeguard your home.


Four situations with Point making the difference


HOLIDAY HOUSE – Distance is no obstacle to looking after your property

APARTMENT – Create your personal neighbourhood watch in your apartment building

HOUSE – Save your home, your time and your money with Point.

AIRBNB – Make sure your tenants are treating your property with respect.

Safety up and running within minutes


The Point security system is installed in a few minutes and works over Wi-Fi. It runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts for 3-6 months depending on environmental conditions.

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“Point has got your back”

“For anyone who wants a lightweight security option for their home”

“A sensor that analyses the ambient noise in your house promises to provide a watchful ear”

User-friendly innovation in a smart home alarm system

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MoLd risk Detection

Keep mold growth at bay.


Window break

Get notifies if someone breaks your window.


Humidity detection

Learn about the humidity in your home.



Too hot? Too cold? Find out!


Smart Motion detection

Know instantly if there has been an intrusion.


Siren sound

Loud siren which is set of in case of intrusion.


Make your old smoke alarm smart

Receive a notification if your smoke alarm goes off.


Tamper-proof technology

You will be notified if someone interacts with the alarm.


$99/Point ($129)

Shipping to the EU, US and other select countries. 


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