Home is no place for cameras. Minut is a Scandinavian startup pioneering a new approach to home security. We’ve designed Point to let you have both peace of mind and privacy. Simplicity and safety. Point is a first step, be part of the journey.

Introducing Point

Stay connected—without invasive cameras or complex security systems.

Point monitors your home by analysing sounds and the indoor environment. It can recognise things like alarms, windows breaking or unexpected activity when you’re away. If anything seems wrong, Point will let you know.

Point is designed in Scandinavian tradition with privacy in mind. No sounds are recorded. It’s easy to set up, connects to wifi and runs on replaceable batteries. Unbox, connect and you’re done.

Point combines sound and sensor data to recognize events you care about

Point is smart

Point analyses sounds and the environment in your home. It recognizes events like alarms going off and detects loud noises, changes in humidity and temperature. If anything is wrong, Point will let you know right away.

Point is soft

You can feel good knowing that you’re watching over your home without invading anyone’s privacy. Point doesn’t record any sensitive information.

Point is simple

Point is wireless and uses replaceable batteries. It connects to the Internet over WiFi. Unbox, connect, and you’re done.

Point is scandinavian

Point is designed to blend into your home. In the spirit of Scandinavian design, Point is minimalistic and free of branding.

Be the first to know

Point connects to the internet via WiFi. You will be instantly notified if something happens and can stay connected with your smartphone.

Go back in time

The Point app lets you see past events. When you are gone or have guests in your home, you can go back and make sure everything went smoothly. If you need to refer to a past event, the app will keep your events saved.

Set your own rules

Set the rules for when Point sends a message. You decide the acceptable limits for noise, temperature, and humidity.

Create your team

Allow family members, friends, and neighbors to receive information about your Point. If you are out of town, they can keep track for you. All they need to do is install the app.

Point is now available!

Unit price:

Getting started with Point is easy. Mount the included ceiling plate. Point attaches to the plate with magnets. Download the app, connect to wifi and you're ready to go.

One Point can cover a room up to 50sqm (that's a large living room). The included AA batteries should last for up to a year in good wifi conditions.

Technical Specifications
WiFi2.4GHz 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n
Dimensions8.0cm x 8.0cm x 3.4cm
Weight450 Grams
Power4x AA Batteries
Speaker1W 20Hz-15kHz
LEDsFront facing LEDs for alert lights and setup instructions
SetupSimple setup using included smartphone app
iOSiOS 9 or later
AndroidAndroid 4.2 or later