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Always on the go

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just want things to work your way, Point is there for you. It is a complete home alarm, allowing you focus on what you do best.

Your home is safe and healthy


Point is designed to lift a weight off your shoulders. It’s an easy way to make sure your home is safe and sound. You will be notified of the things happening and be able to collaborate with friends and neighbours to solve the issue.

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Turn the alarm on in the morning and get notified if something happens. Point uses advanced technology to make sure your home is safe. By combining data from different sensors, Point can tell the difference between the breaking of a glass and a window.


Point will notify you of sudden changes in temperature due to an open window or a pot left too long on the stove. You will only be notified of things happening in your home when needed. No unnecessary interruptions.


If the unexpected happens, it is hard to know what to do. Still, we are surrounded by people waiting to help. Point lets you collaborate with friends, family and neighbours to solve problems together. 

Super-charged by your community

With the Point service, you select who is in your trusted network. Should something happen while you are away, you can work together to act in case of an emergency.

House in Canada, winter time


“Point saved my house when the heating thermostat broke down during some exceptionally cold weather.”


A smart home alarm can alert you to problems that you may otherwise miss. While Tim, in freezing cold Calgary, Canada, was away, his heating system stopped working, causing the house temperature to drop rapidly. Point allowed him to fix the problem the very same day – no harm done.

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Safety up and running within minutes


Point is installed in a few minutes and works over Wi-Fi. It runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts for 3-6 months depending on environmental conditions.

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“Point has got your back”

“For anyone who wants a lightweight security option for their home”

“A sensor that analyses the ambient noise in your house promises to provide a watchful ear”

Relax when you are away


When you are on the road, at work, or hanging out with friends you don’t want to worry about things at home. Point is designed to detect anomalies so that you can focus on the fun.

Home is a place for peace


At home, we relax and rewind. It’s our sanctuary. Don’t let technology get in the way of that. Point is the first smart home alarm that respects your privacy while giving you the comfort of knowing everything is fine at home. Most data processing happens on Point and raw sound never leaves the device. This way your privacy is protected.

Collaborate with your neighbourhood


Heroes are all around you. Point taps into your existing neighbourhood. Share access and help each other out when something is amiss. You effectively create a personal neighbourhood watch movement that helps to safeguard your home.

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