Where to put your Point?

You can install Point wherever you think it’s suitable! However it’s recommended to have one Point installed in the hallway for best use of the movement detector function, or wherever there is movement frequently. Also, Point is designed and optimized for being installed in the ceiling rather than the wall.




  1. Install the app
  2. Make sure your Point is charged. When landing at your doorstep, it might not be fully charged.
  3. Activate Point by turning it on and pressing the top.
  4. Sync to Wifi and setup your home through phone
  5. Place Point wherever you like. Preferably close to an entering door, in a hallway. The mounting plate is fastened to the ceiling with a sticker.
  6. Have a cup of coffee and enjoy having made your home more safe and comfortable.


What Point needs to work

Point works off your Wifi. Without a working wifi, Point is not able to work. You set the password and the wifi network on your phone.

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You need a smartphone to monitor and control your security device. We support Apple and Android.

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Point needs to be charged to work. It usually takes about 5 hours to fully charge the unit. An USBc is included in the package.

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One house – multiple Points

If you have multiple Points you can simply install them one by one, add each one to your Point app and you will automatically have a bigger area covered for healthy home monitoring!